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Testing SparkWeb: available for Open Source version?

SparkWeb is listed as being for the Enterprise version, but it allowed me to download/activate in the Open Source version. I can see the login page, but users fail to login with the error:

there was a security error of type: securityError

Error: Error #2048

And in the readme text for the plugin it says:

Note: Openfire Enterprise 3.3.3 beta 1 or above is necessary to allow cross-domain connections. Please install Openfire Enteprise 3.3.3 beta 1 or above before attempting to connect. Once the plugin is installed, you can connect using http://domainOfOpenfire:port/sparkweb/index.jsp.

Does this mean that only cross-domain connections are available if you’re running 3.3.3b1 -or- do you need Enterprise to run either? Also, I don’t see 3.3.3b1 to download anywhere, is this b/c I don’t have Enterprise?

We are currently demo’ing Openfire for a company, and they’re trying to hack together JWChat for use with remote connections, but I really want to show them SparkWeb before they decide. Is there a way I can do this? Thanks.

You can download Enterprise 3.3.0 beta 1 from our beta download section located at http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta.jsp. After installing and getting an Enteprise Evaluation license, you will be able to connect SparkWeb up.



Ah, ok, I’ve got it, thanks for your help. Incidentally, I installed the Beta of SparkWeb (2.x) and was able to connect and login to it once, but every successive attempt game me the error you see above. I just rolled back to 1.x for now, and it works fine. I’m currently running this on Windows, need to get Linux running as that would be the final platform for this going live.


We’re now looking at a chat ‘room’ for a certain group of our users, with the Red5 plugin we can do that because JWChat is open source and we can modify the web layout and capabilities (we need to hide some things for our users). Would we have this ability with Spark Web as well?



Over time, we should be adding more configuration options via the admin console and css to modify the look and behavior of SparkWeb.