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Text search in archive with column or ampersands

When testing monitoring plugin 2.0.0 found two issues:

When searching an Exception is thrown when to try searching for a text with colums (’:’) or ampersands (’&&’) in it:

2020.01.30 13:47:07 WARN [message-archive-handler-12]: com.reucon.openfire.plugin.archive.impl.PaginatedMucMessageLuceneQuery - An exception occurred while trying to query the Lucene index to get messages from room org.jivesoftware.openfire.muc.spi.LocalMUCRoom@53f925d4.
org.apache.lucene.queryparser.classic.ParseException: Cannot parse ‘11:20:54’: Encountered " “:” ": “” at line 1, column 5.
Was expecting one of:

Second issue might be working as intended:

Search is done differently when both a text and a ‘with’ is set, compared when only a ‘with’ is set. In the first case the ‘with’ has to be a complete user address, in the second only the userpart is sufficient.

Thanks for spotting this, Anno, and raising a new issue in the bug tracker.

For future reference, the corresponding issue in the bugtracker is https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-monitoring-plugin/issues/91