Thank You!

I’‘ve been playing with Wildfire for the past week after spending several weeks with jabberd2 and ejabberd and I have to say "I’‘m impressed" (and I’'m not easily impressed).

Wildfire installed correctly the first time on both Windows and Linux.

It ran correctly immediately after install.

It’'s got a killer admin web interface.

I downloaded the source and it build successfully the first time.

It’‘s written a mainstream language I’'m an expert at.

The soon-to-be-beta’‘d gateway plugin (which I’'m testing now) is going to be a great addition.

etc, etc.

Bug free? Nope, but what is? It’‘s certainly an active project though and I’‘ll have some bug reports and requests shortly. I might even have time to contribute, we’'ll see.

Anyway, I just wanted to say Thanks and compliment you folks on the work done.