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The connection was refuse when attempting to contact the localhost

After I rebooted my Jive server, clients cannot login anymore. I tried accessing the system in the server itself via URL but the message prompted "THE CONNECTION WAS REFUSED WHEN ATTEMPTING TO CONTACT

Hi Ronan,

Could you say us few things:

  1. Which version of server are you using?

  2. Which client are you using?

  3. Is there any errors in log file?



Hello Tim,

  1. Version 2.1.1

  2. Pandion

  3. can’'t create connection at startup



Hi Ronan,

I’'ve checked connectivity of pandion on JM 2.3.0. I was not able to register/login new user when “use an encrypted connection (ssl)” switch on tools/settings/connections dialog turned off. Strange thing, that if I registered user using ssl this switch is on by default. When I turn it off, switch disappearing from dialog.

If you have a look at Network traffik, you can see that pandion is sending presence packet with strange information without any authorization, like:

Server responds with not-authorized error. So, you have problem with pandion.

I just can recomend you enable ssl and do not turn it off or try to use another Jabber client.