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The import file does not match the user schema


I used the Import/export user plugin to export my users from a 2.0.0 jive messenger server, and then I try to use the same plugin on a 2.3.0 server.

I get this message: The import file does not match the user schema.

Where can I find the new schema so that I can write some script to translate the older format into the new one? Also, does anybody has that script already?

Thanks in advance,

I found the schema file, sorry for that.

It’'s called messenger-user-schema.xsd.xml and its inside the $JIVEMESSENGERHOME/plugins/userimportexport/classes directory.

But the question still stands: does anybody has any script to do this?



after a bit of mucking around, the fix is simple: edit users.xml and replace all the .

In vi, for example: :%s/Jid/Username/g


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