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The installation & not being able to login bug

Hi everybody,

I’ve read the important message, so apparently there’s a bug that won’t let you login after the installation, unless you restart the app.

Well, i’ve restarted, but i am still unable to login. Am i missing something here?

What error do you get? What username are logging in with? It should be admin

I’m getting the error that my username & password are incorrect.

Yes, i am using admin as login, is there some way of manually changing the password to a new value? There’s the encrypted pass and plain pass in the database, but even setting them both to null and trying to login with just the username won’t work.

I forgot to mention i’m running ubuntu 8.10

You can change true at the bottom of /openfire/conf/openfire.xml to false and re-run the setup.

Thank you, i will try that out.

But i’m not sure if that would help, the setup had no errors at all the fist time.

Will let it know once i’ve tried it out!