The item Spark.exe shortcut has been removed error

Everyone we have is getting the above error when trying to open Spark. I have restarted the Openfire service on the server and have also rebooted the server that houses openfire. I believe we are running Openfire 3.9.3 and Spark 2.7.0. We had an issue with it not working yesterday and a reboot of the server fixed it. However, this morning it stopped working again. Everyone seems to be getting the above error now. Also worth noting is that when I started the Openfire admin control I get this:

We are a Windows 7 shop running this on a Windows 2008R2 server. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

John G.

Are you running Kaspersky? This is the error we were getting since it was putting Spark.exe in quarantine.

Hey Mike, YES. I figured this out yesterday and it is Kaspersky that is causing this issue. It just started happening a couple days ago. We have been running Kaspersky while using Spark without issue until then. Can you tell me what you did to keep Spark from being deleted?

Yes it is Kaspersky that caused this as I found out yesterday. How can we quarantine this? My expertise isn’t in Kaspersky but I can see if the person that handles that can take care of it. Thanks Mike!

We’ve been running it with Kaspersky for years as well until yesterday. We’re using Security Center so hopefully this applies!

I just added an exclusion for the entire Spark directory in the Exclusion Rules tab for my default policy. Crossing my fingers but no more quarantines as of yet.

How to add an application to the Trusted Zone remotely

Hope the above helps and you are welcome!

Update: I’m still getting some strange issues, so I just also added it to “Trusted Applications” as well.