The most online client at one time

who can tell me that the most online client at one time supported by Wildfire server? Thank you!

It depends on your hardware, If I’'m correct you should be able to run arround 1000 users with 1GHZ and 2GB of ram (or was it 1GB of ram)

key in this is to have enough memory available

oh, I see, thanks.

So how to run around 10,000 users? What kind of hardware should I take?

Now that I think about it,

someone did a benchmark, it had much more users then the 1.000 that I mentioned above.

I will search for that thread

this is just for connections it doesn’‘t really tell if it’'s still able to process all traffic without glitches

I will look into a benchmark tool later on today, since I want to know this for my own server as well

Thanks a lot, it means that the wildfire server can support over 10,000 users online at one time in theory.

So can you provide a name of beachmark tool?

I am really poor in this field. is an open-source multi-protocol distributed load testing tool and maybe a little bit tricky to get it up and benchmarking.