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The name for the new chat project

As wroot said there: http://www.jivesoftware.org/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=14895&tstart=0&start=15 , there is a need to choose a name and recruit a team for this new project!

1[/b]. check the names in the old thread

2[/b]. See if the best names are one of what we “choosed” (nothing definitive yet)

3[/b]. You can suggest a name

The goal is to have a universal name, that can be said in as many languages as possible. It can be a latin word (such as IREVIA, which means “follow the road, don’'t quit it”), a XIFF related name (such as XIFFIAN, which sounds like human or profession), or a simple short word (OWIM : Open Web Instant Messenger).

It has to be easily foundable on google.com (not too much answers) and musn’‘t be an existing project name or company name (don’‘t call it microsoft, or we’'ll have real problems!)

Personnaly I liked the way the Ubuntu team found its name: simple, short, and which means sth

You can tell us what you think of it, suggest, and join the team!

I join the team and I vote for : XIFFIAN. But it doesn’'t mean anything…[/i]

It’'s up to you now!

I vote for XIFFIAN also, it sounds pretty cool and simple!

Also I joint the team : )

i’'m voting for XIFFIAN too, though it a bit complex construction of letters I like the idea of OWIM, but not quite a sounding.

i’‘ve already said in previuos thread. I’‘m not joining the team, but i’'ll try to help if i can. I can always give it a try like beta tester or sort BTW, are you going to decide who will take which part of production process (writing code, parts of code (group chat, roster, etc.), designing, etc.) Or you will try to do it all together?

OK, I don’'t know how we can organize the work…

I just know I’'ve got a working base on my website, and it could be the first stone of the new edifice…

We could also start it as an empty project, and anyone taking part in the development could make choices I wouldn’‘t have made… That the advantage of being many… And being many forces us to make it in a democratic way… I can’‘t tell the ppl: "follow my example, I’‘m the best" (it isn’'t totally true )…

We could also make parts of code, which is good idea for maintenance because it gives responsabilities depending on each skills (a programmer is, usually, not a good designer, and I saw that the day I tried to draw things that was miserable! )

First, when the name will be decided, I’'ll (or someone else will) open a sourceforge project, and probably a forum… The person who will do that will be the project administrator, and in charge of both sites. This person can also be developer/designer at the same time.

Then, we will begin the backend (the coding session!) while designers will be thinking of the design used to it (knowing that ppl will want to make it personal if they put it in their website, so there is a need for changing some logos (jabber.org/jabber.ru/jabber.at…) )

While coding the backend, we will argue with designers about the GUI… what they expect and what is possible, tabs or multi-windows…

That’'s my point of view of course, anyone who has a better idea is pleased to tell it!

I don’‘t wan’'t to overcast anyone, I just want to take part of it… or lead my part if nobody else is skilled enough for that.

beta testers, and advisors (sean told he could join as advisor) are welcome!

ok, lets start with xiffian.

I think its quite unique enough and there is no sourceforge project yet. I would be cool If boris takes the lead and opens the project at sourceforge.

second step is to open a cvs account there and collect all the stuff more or less categorized. Best would be textual files like as snipplets or may images (screebshots) from stuff that worked and would be nice to use. Like this we can save a lot of work by not starting from scratch again and again.

The harder part will be to draw an overall architecture. But as long as we try to modularize an try to use as much object encapsulation it will be easy to refractor in later states.

As soon we have some stuff It would be cool to have weely session over jabber to talk and plan for next steps, because forums are not suitable for making decissions. Or we can even go skipe (although its not jabber, grrr)

cheere, nice weekend, this weekend we have streeparade in zurich - BIG party!!!


As soon we have some stuff It would be cool to have

weely session over jabber to talk and plan for next

steps, because forums are not suitable for making

decissions. Or we can even go skipe (although its not

jabber, grrr)

maybe Jive can provide a MUC room for this purpose. I think it’'s more convinient to discuss in group chat. If there will be any other members of course

Skype is not jabber indee. There is Gizmo also, and it’‘s SIP compliant, so it’'s “better”. Dont like neither of VoIP though oldschool chater

No problem, I’'ll open the sourceforge account soon (maybe 15 hours, the time to sleep and do some things else)…

I’'ll try to make it as complete as possible.

I’'ll tell you as soon as opened.

I’‘m not a Skype fan, I prefer jabber because there won’'t be strange accents (as a French, I know some of my friends have a terrible accent in english ). And jabber is the thing we are working at, and it will be useful for us to have examples to watch while talking about it…

guido: have a happy streetparade… never went to Zurich, just visited Basel and Bienne to buy some… fun

OK, the project will be called xiffian. /b

You can now, if you don’'t have one yet, create a SourceForge account at sourceforge.net.

After, you can join by telling me (via private mail for example) your sourceforge UNIX name. I’'m working on the base administration at the moment, and for now there is not much to do, but with the forum we can organize the work, assign the main tasks, and give responsabilities.

The url of the project is: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xiffian/

I’‘m still working on it, but have a lot of work to do! It’'s a chance for us that the sourceforge team could approve the project before the week end. (or we would have wait 2 days!)

You know what you have to do to join the team, as a developper, designer, beta-tester…


I already have a sf.net account. It’'s - wroot of course

So, as possible beta-tester, what do i need on my side? I mean, stuff. Should i be ready to compile/publish something. Or you are going to biuld something like “binaries” for testing?

What i have is Jive Messenger 2.2.0 (Windows 2000), Macromedia Flash 2004, some version of XIFF Beta (but not “installed” yet).

I think all you have is enough…

I’‘ll be working with the stuff you specified, and I don’‘t think you’'ll need much more.

I hope there will be no need to compile/publish for testing, making regular compilation is, I think, a good solution, but for now, there is nothing to compile

I also don’‘t know about making a .exe, because it’'s supposed to work on a website… making a .exe is possible, but there is enough .exe to do such a job.

We’‘ll probably work on the crossdomain.xml thing to make it work on affiliated jive/jabber servers. I don’‘t know more for now about it… We’'ll talk about that later, when the first beta-beta version will be out (yet another sean voisen simple chat example? )

I’‘m on the xiffian project for now, It’'s really… long to make it clear and clean (homepage, forums, fill all the forms to be correctly indexed… )

I’'ll had you in a few minutes, but there is not much to see for the moment, I posted the message here before being really working on sourceforge…

I’'ll do more of it in the next hours!

Yes, i was talking about web “binaries” So i ''m waiting to feed some swf to my browser. Though this could happen not really soon

Good luck

so, xiffian project is moving forward slowly. It already has a simple Home Page. And there are couple of threads in xiffian forums. Two developers and one tester have joined the project. I thought guido was willing to join too?:slight_smile:

i think xiffian issues should be discussed mostly at project’'s forum, and if there will be some questions about XIFF library itself we can discuss it here, maybe putting links to other forum and vice versa.

And xiffian needs a logo. So anyone is welcome to donate some:) BTW, so xiffian name should be written in caps? like XIFFIAN? Or maybe XIFFian?

It’‘s moving slowly because I didn’'t heard anything from you guys! Added you as members… and felt lost in a desert!

I tried to open thread in order to see what’‘s the direction the project would take, and without any answer, I couldn’'t do anything but continuing my way in making my code clear and clean…

I heard news about jevx today, and he told me there was bugs… I sent him an other version (with a blank line after my include, which was the source of bugs) but didn’'t get any answer…

I really worked hard this week end, and didn’‘t upload screenshots, nor beta because I was waiting for advices… I can do it all by myself… it’‘s easier not to have to argue with ppl… but that’'s not the way i call it a team…

I’'m trying to make my code comprehensive for english ppl… I can let my old french named functions, variables and comments, but nobody will understand…

jevx told me he liked the gui… For now it seems that we keep my tabs… but it must be easy to switch to an other system when ready… for now, the tabs is the best way not to stop everything for now… while arguing… if somebody wants to say something…

If you want to make some tests, I can give you my local test adress:

http://usuc.dyndns.org/tv/xiffian/ (it’'s the old one, but with less bugs)

create lots of accounts, try to kick/ban/manage a room/add roster/use thing I did not use, change nickname and see if messages can follow you… there is a lot to do… you can also try to compare an existing client to see if functionalities are missing…

it’'s connected to a jive server

I’‘ll upload CVS and screenshots and first beta this night… I tried to make it as democratric as possible… but you seem to be impatient! so I’'ll be a dictator! try to stop me

hey… you went to the forums… great!

XIFFIAN is good to me… and as I’'m a dictator, it will be XIFFIAN! nothing else!

hi guys,

I’'m back again! I told you steetparade weekend! I opened a sourceforge account today to the name guido-o . Could someone of you add me to the devs, so I will upload my stuff also.

@b0ris, patience, patience. We need not to hurry, as we all have other (probably) more important stuff to do but we have to do this in future togehter! For the moment I think it is ok if everyone further develops his client to get more into the topic. I think we will use lots of the code from all the existing clients so works will not be trashed.


i said slowly but i didnt ment too slowly It’'s just moving forward as any new project, like a newborn You arent alone

So, i see guido is in dev list too. And as he said, all of us has other duties, work, etc. I’'ll try doing my best, but i think i can jump in only at evenings or weekends.

BTW, i already have a few ideas for the logo. So’’ i’‘ll try to make some prototypes soon. Combining of two F’'s. And Ok, Ok, let it be XIFFIAN

Ok, sorry… I switch back from dictator to democrat

For the logo, do your best

Yes, guido joined the team! now we are 3 developpers and a beta tester!

I try to do my best for this project, as I’‘m on holidays… I know you can’‘t have as much time as me… that’‘s why this project wasn’'t online too early.

I uploaded the sources on the xiffian website and CVS as “b0ris sources” for ppl to access it. I would like to see others sources like mine, just to have some starting blocks to start the race and try to see which part we’'ll keep/leave for each functionality and possible improvements.

I’'m not alone, but it seemed like so when you told it was going slowly… I was just crushed and cried behind the bushes nooo… not really… making this project faster is hard, or just irresponsibility…

I’'m waiting some nice logos from you, not now, but in a next future!

Hello all,

I have rediscovered this project recently (had been in contact with Sean Voisen some time ago, but at that time, there was no client project…). We are working on a web-based Groupware and looking for a web-based messenger.

Depending on whether a Actionscript developer is available, we could help look into these things:

  • Test on Mac clients. For example Safari browsers on the Mac don’‘t work with XIFFIAN Beta 8 (Firefox/Mac works fine). Safari shows the cursor, but doesn’'t let you enter text.

  • Single sign-on through a website, so there is no separate login to the chat needed

Username / Password / Online Status would be taken from the server and displayed in the client.

  • Adapt UI so XIFFIAN can be used in smaller windows (eg. like Apples’’ iChat default window sizes) An idea for later: Make the UI skinnable in the future ?

I should know this by end of September. Testing of course available before

@Guido: Von wo aus der Schweiz bist Du ?


Update: Beta 11 of Xiffian now works fine for me, also with older Safari versions (v 1.2, OS X 10.3) and Flash 7 for Mac.