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The problem with reconnecting mobile clients


I observe a problem with reconnecting to the server of mobile clients (Conversations, blabber.im ) from a cellular network to a wifi network. The same problem appears with the reverse reconnection.
Clients have a reconnection status and it can last about 5 minutes or more.

Tell me, what settings and parameters of the openfire server affect the time of reconnecting clients to the server?

Reconnecting should never take this long. Openfire will, by default, remove idle connections after 6 minutes, so that’s probably the interval that you’re seeing.

Older versions of Openfire had issues with their implementation of Stream Management, which is a feature that is specially designed to help with reconnection. What version of Openfire are you using? If it’s not recent: update!

Thank you for paying attention to my question. I am using openfire version 4.7.3.
What is the parameter responsible for removing idle connections? How can I change the value in 6 minutes?