The room invitation was sent again - all the time


i have problem with Spark Fastpath… - with the web interface, everything works OK, but with others jabber servers …

on my other Jabber acount ( ) - I add to roster jid: - and then:

me: helo

demo: Welcome to the workgroup ‘‘’’.

Would you like to join the chat, yes or no?

me: yes

demo: Please, fill out this form to contact an agent


me: Ryszard Hapka

demo: Email Address:


demo: Question:

me: Pytanie testowe …

demo: You have entered a waiting queue. An agent will be with you soon

Your current position in the queue is 1

and now … in spark - I can accept invitation of that user … but in the conference - nobody in … in my priv jabber, the next steps:

An invitation to start a chat with an agent has been sent

Do you want to receive another room invitation, yes or no?

me: yes

demo: The room invitation was sent again

and now - is nothing works - jid - is go to offline status on roster of priv jabber

the FastPath with web interface works OK



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