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The spark restart issue

Hi all,

We are working on some policy based chat framework.

The policies decide whether:

-user A can add user B to his/her roster,

-if user A can initiate chat with user B,

-if user A can join the chatroom and more of such cases.

There is an issues that we had faced.The scenario is like this:

1.User A is logged in & using Spark.

2 Now there is policy that user A cant add B to his roster.So to implement this, we are intercepting the IQ packet with type=set.

The packet looks like:

      <iq id="jcl_157" type="set" from="A@crux.tz/CRUX">
             <query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster">
                  <item jid="B@crux.tz" name="userB">

We intercept this packet and then we are throwing the PacketRejectedException to the user A’s client with some informative message like:

“You cant addd user B to your roster”.

3.This works fine on all the other clients that we are using(Exodus,Pidgin,Neos) except Spark.

The problem is:when this PacketRejectedException(which indeed is an error packet) reaches the Spark, it is not able to handle this exception & it restarts.

After sometime it restarts,it shows the rejection message: “You cant addd user B to your roster” .

4.What might be the reason behind Spark being restarted? Is it unable tio handle the exception for this IQ packet.

Can this be fixed?

Looking forward for the help.


Saurabh Sirdeshmukh,

Spoton Softwares.