The users are complaining about the server may drop messagess

as described, my app users are complaining about the server , and that the chat server of openfire is droping messages

every day,

could you pls help me with the solution? how to avoid this ? Do we have message delivered ack message , or something do tag this issue?

thanks very much

Stream Management should help with that (should work in Openfire 4.0.0), but you also need a client supporting this. Explanation: options to mitigate messages loss because of network problems

I’ve shorten the config item ( ) to 30s

And see what will happen next.

And our team will work on Message Delivery Receipts in a few days, I’m wondering if there is some other config item to let the OPENFIRE server to switch on

message delivery receipts function?

Or there is a way for me to customize my own openfire server codes?

just now , I’ve tried with openfire 3.10.3 version

and sent a few discovery messages like below

<iq from=‘’

** id=‘disco1’**

** to=‘’**

** type=‘get’>**

** **

**the server response as below **

<iq id=“disco1” to=" from="" type=“result”>

not including feature urn:xmpp:receipts

but the protocol defines

not like the protocol describes in file XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts

Will I turn some function on(Just like a config item)?

Or will I change the openfire server codes implements to satisfy this feature?

XEP-0184 is strictly a client side feature. Openfire has nothing to do with this (only XEP-0198 has to be supported both by server and a client). I have made it clearer in the document now.

As i’m not a developer myself, can’t answer why the packet looks like this.

ok thanks

could anyone concerned help with this message format?


hello, have you noticed this ?