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Thoughts for tomorrow: Add conference rooms to roster?


I’‘m quite sure that there’‘s no option to add the bookmarked conference rooms to a roster just like a user. I couldn’‘t figure out where Spark does save the bookmarked conference rooms, but this will likely not be the roster. I did never like the feature as it is implemented to switch between contacts and conferences but on the other hand I don’'t want to see “conference.jabber.org” as a roster.

But a Roster named “Chill out rooms” which contains some rooms located on arbitrary servers is something I want to have.

Maybe even a server group could be possible so an admin can add users to it but instead of seeing who’'s online the group members see a conference room and can join it without much effort.


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Actually LG, we initally were going to do this, but worried that it would confuse to many users by embedded other components within the Roster. However, I would love to take a vote on this. Anyone else? SPARK-260



And what do you mean by “remove the tab format”? I like the idea to be able to add room bookmarks to my roster. But there should be a place to access conference service. And maybe someone is preferring to have only users in the roster. So i wount vote yet if you are going to remove that tab. You can create a menu for this of course. But tab is more convinient, imho. And maybe in future this tab could be renamed to Services and would be able to register not only with muc service but with transports and other stuff.

is the ability to add a chat room to a roster common in other clients than Spark?

I need to be able to put rooms in the rosters for my users, but we will probably implement our own (very limited) client for use with wildfire. Limited in what the users are allowed to do at least. (they will as an example not be able to choose chatrooms to connect to themself, only have access to some selected ones as defined by their group memberships.

I thought that would be a nice thing to handle with rooms in the roster… Other suggestions on how we could manage this?

thanks, Trond.

We’'ve debated on adding the Conference rooms to the roster, however there was never really overwhelming support for it. However I personally would love to see this feature in a later release of Spark. Anyone else ?


is the ability to add a chat room to a roster common

in other clients than Spark?

Gaim, Exodus, JAJC. This was a year ago. Maybe some other clients i was testing already have that. I havent tested all clients.

Do they store the rooms locally?

I tried to add the jid of a room (room@conference.my-domain) to a roster, and that didn’'t work, I get errors.

Well, unless the roster has some form of way to distinguish between a room and a user, I guess the client will fail to recognize the room anyway…


Do they store the rooms locally?

Which client? Exodus is storing it in users private storage on server. So, if you install Exodus on new computer and login with the same user you will have your bookmarks in your roster automaticly. Private-Storage should be enabled in Wildfire.

I tried to add the jid of a room

(room@conference.my-domain) to a roster, and that

didn’'t work, I get errors.

In Exodus you add a bookmark. It looks different than simple contacts and is showing on the top of roster.