Threading Support (XEP-0201)

Hey guys, just wondering if openfire supports (or will support) threading within conversations?

If not, any ideas on how to go about implementing it? I’m getting pretty familiar with developing plugins now, but not sure if I’d be comfortable taking a stab at editing the opensource project.

I don’t think there is actually a server component to this extension. Thread id’s are inserted by the clients when they initiate chats. Smack supports this for normal chats, although I am not sure if it does it for MUC or not.

The threads are simply a means for the clients to try and organize conversations. It is expected that replies to messages with thread ids will contain the initial thread so that the reply can be associated with the original message.

Yea, I’ve been reading over the specs and it looks like the only thing that (should) be done server side is the message id’s, other than that should be good.

Btw, do you know where I can find some examples of XEP-0201. I found the main document, but I’m still unclear on some details. Was hoping to find an example conversation up to specs.