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Tijuana Time problem

We had a spark user ( Spark 2.5.4, Openfire 3.3.1 ) that had a time problem. The times on his old and new IM Message times were 7 hours off. His time zone was set to (GMT-8:00) Tijuana, Baja California.

Changing the time zone to (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada), and then restarting Spark corrected all the IM Message times.

I reproduced this on my 2.5.4 client and get the same behavior.

Sounds like Spark does not like Mexico


this may be a Java issue, Spark uses the locale settings the JVM passes to it. If the JVM does not know the GMT offset of “Tijuana, Baja California” then it will fail to set the GMT offset to a proper value.


I am using Spark 2.5.4 with the embedded JRE.

Does Spark always look to the embedded JRE before loonging elsewhere for java? If so, then the problem appears to be in the embedded JRE.


I did look up the timezone database, it should be correct. It’s a little bit of mystery why the JVM fails to pick up the right time zone on some installations or for some users.

You could try to add a file named “Spark.vmoptions” with upper case ‘S’ and not with a “.txt” extension in the same directory where “Spark.exe” is located

and add there a line “-Duser.timezone=America/Tijuana” - this should solve the time zone problem for the user without the need to specify Pacific time for the whole system.


Since using PST instead of Tijuana works, we do not need to do this. I put in this issue because I thought developers might be interested in this problem as it appears to be easily reproducible.