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Time Issue

Not sure if this is a Spark or Openfire issue but ill try Spark first…

Using Openfire 3.6.3 and Spark 2.5.8 on XP for everyone

Some users see messages with a timestamp of an hour earlier then it was really posted but i see that same time stamp as being correct.

Employee A posts a message at 2PM yeh it shows on his PC that it was posted at 1PM and on mine at 2PM…this is happening for a handful of users out of about 25. All the clocks and daylight savings things are correct on everyones computers, any idea wth is going on??

Time zones? Are all the time zones correct?

All the computers are up to date as far as MS patches and yes all the timezones are correct

Spark Timezone Settings may help.

that did the trick, tahnks for the links

only issue is i will need to adjust this when the clock changes. no big deal