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Time out when sending the file Http File Upload

guys I’m implementing the file transfer following the doc xep-0363 (XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload), everything works fine except sending the file, the slot link that the server responds to sending the timeout file, I don’t know what’s happening, I’m suspicious of the port, but I’ve already changed them all and I couldn’t solve it, below is the result of the slot request.

I will be eternally grateful if someone can help me, I’ve been trying to find this solution for 6 months.

The ‘put’ and ‘get’ URLs that are reported back to you need to be accessible by clients. If your upload code is correct, then a common cause for problems is a networking issue, or a firewall maybe.

Note that most clients require a valid and trusted certificate to be used. This means that you either need to configure your clients to trust Openfire’s self-signed certificate, or you need to install in Openfire a certificate that’s signed by a trusted CA that covers that URL (as well as the XMPP domain name of your Openfire service).