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Timed out

I’‘ve created a bot but I’‘ve been having problems keeping it alive. I’‘ve used the keep alive and have configured it for every ten seconds. After a while, the bot goes dormant and other clients can’‘t seem to chat with it anymore. I can tell that the keep alive is running because I have inserted logging messages. I don’‘t get a disconnect message, normal or abnormal, from the ConnectionListener. And for that matter, the bot doesn’'t receive any other type of messages. I have a listerner that listens and logs all message types.

The server is a Jabberd server and it seems to happen with both 1.4 and 2 and regardless of whether the bot connects inside or outside my firewall. I have the idle time set to 0 which means infinity.

It may be a JabberD problem but is there anything else I should be doing besides the keep alive to keep the bot alive, or is there anything I can do to revive the bot once it goes dormant?

Just a note on the KeepAlive and Presence. I resolved my problem by adding a sendpresence message periodically. My interpretation of this is that even though the connection is valid at the TCP/IP level, the server will set the bot client to idle after some period of inactivity without sending a message to the client. (Please correct me if this is wrong.) However, the periodic presence message is far from ideal because of the number of messages it generates.