Timeout getting VCard information

Hi all,

Occasionally, i receive the following error when attempting to load user


Timeout getting VCard information: request-timeout(408) Timeout getting

VCard information





There is no pattern to the error and it is very hard to reproduce. So,

if receive this error then i just restart the same app with the same login

information then everything is fine and the error isnt present. It might be

several days or weeks before i see it again but it is common enough to cause a

concern in a finalized product.

How can i avoid this error or, if this is not possible, how can i

gracefully deal with it?

Thanks and regards,


I had this issue. To load a vCard for someone with

public void VCard.

load(XMPPConnection connection, String user)

you have to pass the username + “@” + domain as the user.

e.g. I was just passing the username “test1” when I should have been passing "test1@mydomain.org"

Its is the same thing you pass as the first argument to create a new Message object.