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TLS and SASL Issues!

Hello I am having issue trying to connect a server to server setup with openfire server on a LAN deployment. I have been through a lot of information already, I can telnet to all the appropriate ports and I have a DNS that can resolve my server domains correctly. The problem in the debug logs is that it say “TLS successfully negotiated, then it says unable to authenticate with TLS and SASL”. Firstly I would like to know how to completely disable all security for testing purposes,
and Secondly, I use a self-signed option and I have added all the properties for that, I also disabled verification of certs and all the likes as well as adding SASL property for EXTERNAL, my question is how do I circumvent the error TLS and SASL? If I turn on dial-back it gives me broken pipes and all sorts of authentication errors, so I turned it off to fall back on TLS. Please any help would be highly appreciated.

For Anyone having this type of issue! I looked over a couple posts and @wroot had made mention of making a distinction between FQDN and Domain name in one of the posts prior which was similar to my question, this was the Key because even though there was a DNS and all, the routing still preferred I add users with user@IP, then it routed and messages are encrypted, by it self it would resolve the raw IP into a hostname after establishing connection with the remote server. This is all on a LAN if I might add.

I’m not that familiar with S2S, but i don’t think it should be mandatory to add users from another server with user@IP scheme.

I guess its because I didn’t bother setting the DNS records.I just left it to my local DNS to figure it out.