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To all those having trouble losing groups, or contacts showing up in the wrong place

Would you mind trying the attached build? I looked over some logs between Spark and the plugin and I can’t see anything wrong at all with the conversation. So that leaves me to wonder, why isn’t Spark handling this right? Well one thing I did change was to switch the subscription status from “both” to “to” on items. My theory at the moment is that Spark is confused by this. (I don’t know why, but we’ll address that later) Having it set to “to” allows for some functionality to work that could not with “both” set, and also cuts down on the traffic between the transports and the client by a number of orders of magnitude. That said, if it breaks the functionality, then that’s not good. If this works for you all, then I’d like to put out a 1.1.2 release “almost immediately” with this fix in it and then I’ll work on seeing why Spark doesn’t love me.

Same problems. To add, i think this is some kind of visual problem with Spark. Because ICQ logins and i see popups about online users. So General group is created somethere, just not shown in the interface. As i often see threads about problems that Spark doesnt show up in the tray or roster window is dissapearing, so i think gateway problem may be a part of bigger problem.

Same issue for me too; users not showing up in some MSN groups.

The odd thing is that I cannot see some groups in Spark, even when I tell it to display empty groups, so i’d suggest something the gateway is telling Spark is seriously messing with it’s display.

It’s very bizarre. I’m comparing 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 via wroot’s logs and I’m not seeing any differences. Still evaluating though.