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To implement connection manger....what do i need to do?

Is the connection manager is commercial one or what???can any body help me …how can i get the plugin or implement the connection manager in openfire-3.6.2

Hey Manoranjan,

Connection Managers is free as beer. Get the .zip file and uncompress it. Check out the README.html file that will take you to the documentation to learn how to install and configure it.


– Gato


I think I can get the connection manager.zip file from openfire home sites.

Thanks you once more sir.


When I install connection manger in the same machine where openfire is installed , I am getting bind exception while starting the connection manager.does connection manger also use port 5222???

Sir , can you tell me how can I configure jwchat to connect to connection manager.Now jwchat connect to openfire server by http-binding.when I will implement connection manager in jwchat then http-bind is not required i think.I don’t …plz help me.

As jwchat is java script client so it need either http-binding or http-pooling for conneting to openfire.so can i implement connection manager in jwchat???/