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Toast Pop-up turned off globablly


We are running spark (open fire server) across the organisation and earlier today the ‘Toast pop-up’ for all users dropped off.
I can turn on manually for each profile but they have a lot of users and this is far too time consuming, plus new users I would like to ensure this is checked by default.

I’ve spent a bit of time searching for a fix on this discussion forum but nothing with my exact issue.
Can I enable this setting globablly for everyone through the system properties on the OpenFire Admin Console?

Any other suggestions would be helpful
I can’t find this on through any system properties.


Edit** They are running 2.5.8 on local systems

There is no option to turn toast pop-ups globally from the Admin Console. Maybe you can create some sort of script and add this line to their spark.properties file:


The file is located in C:\users\user\Spark

The fact that all of the sudden all users have lost this setting (maybe more, just not discovered yet) would make me worry. Virus, software update causing this?

Hi Mate

Thanks for the reply.
Ended up being the version causing the problem.
Installed latest and confirmed OK