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Toast popups appearing on broadcast despite option being unchecked


I have been running Openfire and Spark for a couple of days now to test it and all of a sudden I am having a problem with broadcasts. I have setup all clients so that when a broadcast is sent that a) the window comes to the front with the “bring window to front” option and b) made sure the “show a toast popup” option isn’t selected as I want a window not a popup (this is wuite important).

Why all of a sudden am i getting toast popups and not a window despite the option being de-selected in preferences? I have tested this on all the clients and the same thing is happening. I am very confused because I can’t see an option in the Openfire server admin that would manipulate whether it came up as a window or a popup?

Thank you

Just an update.

I have tried re-installing Openfire but that didn’t work

I am completely stumped as to why this is happening? Using popups is the complete opposite of what i want to do.

Would it be better if I posted this question in the Openfire support forum?

Thank you

I was wondering if there is some kind of System Property that I could use to disable toast popups completely?

I have also noticed that there seem to be a lot less properties on that page than there used to be. Here are the properties that are set at the moment:

passwordKey - hidden

plugin.broadcast.disableGroupPermissions - false

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed - false

update.lastCheck - 1192017901877

xmpp.auth.anonymous - true

xmpp.domain - wbhapp

xmpp.muc.history.type - number

xmpp.session.conflict-limit - 0

xmpp.socket.ssl.active - true

If someone could help me with this it would be appreciated.

Thank you

Have you tried to delete Spark profile folder and start from clean profile?


I tried that but i don’t think it is a client problem anymore due to the fact that it is happaning to everyone and none of them have the “Show a toast popup” option enabled.

I need notifications to be displayed in a message window as i need to force people to see the message the instant it is sent. We use a couple of programs that only work in full screen mode and if it wasn’t for this then a popup would be fine. However, the popup is not seen when people are in these bespoke applications and therefore isn’t any good for what I need.

It feels like it is somehting to do with the server rather than the client, but then i’m not an expert on it.

Thanks for the reply