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Today''s Chat Transcript (6/7/2006)

Hello all,

Today’'s chat transcipt is attached. Thanks to everyone that joined!


Can we get these in html or something? Unless you are making brochures (or for other reasons need perfect reproducable page-layout) pdf is just heavy and irritating… (And unsearchable without loading the - buggy - plugin or downloading it and opening it externally.)


Just imagine how little I like actually making the PDF files. We definitely want to move over to a more automated and less heavy-weight chat archive system. At the moment, it’'s just a matter of finding the time to do so.



As the follow up for discussion about Wildfire recent award i have posted a news about ServerWatch votings in my natvie IT forum:


Some hidden Wildfire advertisement

And off course JiveCommunity Frappr Map was introduced in this week chat. All are welcome to place a pin


Well, there were some “heavy” talkings about wildfire-smack inners as well. But i didnt get much And Gato has announced status of Pampero project. It’'s in Beta as i have understood

.oO(looks a lot like yesterday’'s chat transcript)