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– Gato

I am interested in how IM Gateway will perform for St0nkingByte.

"St0nkingByte: My current IM system, that I’'m planning on replacing with Wildfire, sees

a peak of about 4200 concurrent connections with a userbase of ~12,000."

Will CM help IM Gateway? Or is CM only for WF’'s Jabber protocol?

Hey wmhtet,

Using ConnectionManagers will definitely reduce the burden of Wildfire. Wildfire is currently using a thread per connected user. So the more users you have connected the more the number of thread the Java VM will have to handle. Note that even with idle users the JVM will have a hard time keeping all those threads in memory. When using a CM users are directly connected to CMs and each CM only has a few connections to Wildfire. This means that the burden of one thread per connection is now moved to the CMs from Wildfire. By doing that the Wildfire’'s JVM is less stressed thus it has more processing power to handle other tasks like Gateways.


– Gato


Thanks for explaining how CM works with WF and IM Gateway