Today''s chat transcript

Hello all,

Today’'s chat transcript is attached. It was a nice one. Nice feedback from community members. See you next week!

– Gato

10:20 alex: I am working on a xmpp “components” library based using javascript


Where can I learn more about your work?


Currently the work is in the preliminary stages and we aren’'t prepared to reveal details just yet. Just wanted to get everyone thinking about it, so stay tuned.


Ok. But why LG and wroot know about it? (well, can’'t complain much tho, they are in a different (gold) class )

one question tho, will it be Opensource or Commercial? Don’'t wanna build up my own expectation only to find out that it is commercial only


LG and wroot don’'t know anymore then was discussed in the chat, as far as I know. As for the licensing aspect, for the most part it will be open-source but there will be parts of it which are commercial, though once again all the details of this have yet to be worked out.


Alex, we know what you did last summer (;

I knew and know that Alex was and is working on something as he always is and this something is as always very hard to describe so even Alex didn’'t give out more details.

I can ask for a very simple HTML-streamed MUC chat which could be implemented in five minutes every time but it seems that no one wants to write one as it does not conform to the holy XEP-0124.