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Tomcat/Jetty: logger error

Hi All,

For the moment, the only way I’'ve found to avoid bad stacktrace about JDK14Logger ClassCastException in JM_HOME/logs/error.log is :

  • Adding the jetty.jar in TOMCAT/common/lib directory (it’'s a little bit dirty…)

  • Removing/commenting the following lines in “AdminConsolePlugin.class”:

//LogImpl log = (LogImpl) Factory.getFactory().getInstance("");



If some one as a better and cleaner way to do, it would be great…

Please tell me what you think about that…



Hey Alex,

Somehow the classpath is incorrect in your installation so the wrong Logger is being used. My local tomcat & resin installation is working fine. This is what I did:

. Download tomcat 5.5.9 / resin-3.0.14

. Ran ant clean jar plugins war

. Added -DmessengerHome=C:\jive-repo\messenger\target\war\messengerHome to the Java Options section in the Tomcat Monitor

. Copied messenger.war to webapps folder

. Started up Tomcat from Tomcat Monitor

Could you try those steps and let me know if the problem persists?


– Gato

Hi Gato,

I’'ve tried to follow your instructions, but I still got the problem…

One question : what is the link between Tomcat and Resin??

How do I have to configure and use Resin?? I really don’'t understand…

Thanks for your help…


fixed by build :“jive_messenger_src_2005-08-03.zip”