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Topic for chat room


I’'m the admin of a public chat room, and I can set the topic of the room. Noone else can.

Even if I also make them admin, they can’'t set the topic.

What could be the problem?


Hey David,

If your room is configured so that occupants cannot change the subject then only moderators will be able to change the subject.

Once you grant admin privileges to a user, he should be able to change the room’'s subject cause he has become a moderator of that room. Could you check two things?

  1. That the sent message to change the room subject is of type GROUP_CHAT.

  2. That the occupant received the correct presence with role moderator when his affiliation has changed to admin.


– Gato

Maybe after I made them Admin, I have to restart the groupchat? Or do they have to login again?

Otherwise, where can I find the type of message sent?

We all use PSI 0.9.2.


PSI doesn’'t support Multi-User Chat. They are planning to add support for MUC in the next version. You should use a MUC compliant client to get full MUC support. You could use our open-source client library called Smack or Exodus.


– Gato


This is weird, since we all use PSI, and we can all join a group chat.

Also before I used the server from TIPIC. This worked perfectly fine, also with PSI.

I’'m the admin from the room and I also use PSI, and I can set the topic to anything I want to.




I forgot to mention that there is a bug in 2.0.1 that prevents a mere occupant from changing the room’'s subject. You can try with the latest nightly build which includes a fix for this problem.

Anyway, moderators should be able to change the room’‘s subject using the 2.0.1 version. Could you check the two things that I asked you before? That will give me more information to figure out what’'s going on.


– Gato