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Topic is not sharing between 2 different nodes until other nodes restarted


I installed 2 openfire servers in two different machines by sharing same database and configured hazelcast plugin . say node1 and node2. I created muc room in node1 with all values given including topic(subject), If I see in other node by clicking on room summary it is showing room that was created through node1. but topic is showing empty string eventhough both nodes are sharing same database. If I restart node2 then it is showing correct. It seems cache problem. can you resolve my issue. My openfire version is 3.8.1.

Re: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/229169; should be fixed in the next nightly build. Refer to OF-661 for details.


Does this issue have anything to do with the MUC presence inconsistencies I am seeing w/ Hazelcast clustering?