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Total n00b: Configuring Openfire server

Hello everyone. A new project rose at work, in which we should have a multi-account chat (Gtalk, MSN, and one of our own), and looking for sollutions found Openfire. However, I don’t know anything about configuring it and make it work… Does anyone has any experience to share?

BTW, we won’t be using Java. Everything is done here with Ruby on Rails or JavaScript

Thanks in advance.


you may have noted that Openfire is written in Java. Do you want a port for Ruby?


Yeah, I’ve noticed it. Just mentioned it 'cause almost every Openfire example that I see around is for Java.

See… We have a XMPP library for Ruby, so we want to connect through a Openfire server (we’ll have another for the Rails apps) to our own chat, Gtalk and MSN. Isn’t that possible?

Maybe i don’t exactly understand the question, but why this shouldn’t be possible? Openfire is in Java, but XMPP standard is not bond to Java or anything. You can use Ruby, Python or C++ (or anything else) to send packets to Openfire and get the packets back.