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Total noob: what are groups for?

OK, this is embarrassing but everyone is talking about groups, and I can see where I can create groups and assign users to groups on the admin console … but … what then? What are groups for and how are they used? I know about individual IM, and MUC, but… I don’'t grok groups!

Is there a JEP or howto or something somewhere that describes what this is all about? A pointer to TFM is good enough for me!



Groups are a feature specific to Jive Messenger – the main thing to use them for right now is “shared groups”. So, you could put all sales people into a “Sales” group and then share that group in the rosters of other people in the company. The shared roster group feature that you see when creating and editing groups is what controls this.



OK, but I still feel stupid :-).

So, I put all my sales people into a shared group… then what? Do they appear as a single user in the rosters of other people who added them as buddies (for example)? Then what, people can IM that group entry and everyone in the group gets the message? Or… something else?

Maybe I should try it out and see what happens :-). Do I need any special client support for this, or does it work with any client?

for example:

you have group with 20 users in it. And then new user creates account at your server, and you want him to see all group’'s users in roster. Your move? New user has to find all users and add them manually one-by-one? Or you can just add him to this group in Admin Console and he will see all users in roster automaticly. This is just the one simple example. There are more useful features with groups.

Sending message to all group members could be implemented by client, but there could be some enchancements in AC (when sending messages to all server users), maybe selecting groups or users to whom send message.

Aha! So, it’'s a way to help people set up their buddy lists with lots of useful buddies, without forcing them to do it themselves. I get it. That does seem helpful in an enterprise setting.

I’'d be interested to hear about the other useful things you can do with groups: are there any docs or faqs or anything where people discuss this?


not only without forcing, but without letting too:) I dont know about documentation on groups, i’'m just figured out some features looking at options in Admin Console. But i dont know/understand all features, i just dont need them yet:) I know that you could share rosters between groups, so you can have groups with buddies in roster sorted by …departments for example. And user cant see/find all server users if you dont want him to be able to do this.

Groups are still a little tricky thing to me too:) Because i’‘m still only testing server with two machines and dummy users. There will be more questions after we’'ll start using Jive Messenger in our company.