Towards 2.7.0: Beta date on September 16th ? Your opinion is needed


since we closing in a on a major bug in 2.6.3 and Java 7 is release, we may wantto go for a 2.7.0 release by the end of September. The build envionment is currently updated to Java 7, but the license of ej-Technologies will make beta releases with J7 possible without the Bamboo setup completely working.

First of all, I would like to propose a release numver 2.7.0 since we move to Java 7 instead of 2.6.4. What’s the community take on that?

Additionaly, I would like to ask all developers working on Spark or Spark plugins to comment on their schedule. Is a release by end of September and a beta by mid September on option for you?

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Hello !

I’m back and have some time to work with Spark.

I think this is good idea to move to 2.7 version.

Hi Konstantin,

great to hear. Anything special you have in mind?


Version 2.7 sounds a good next release number.

Apart from matching the Java release are there any other significant enhancements or bug fixes in the pipeline ?


I agree with 2.7.0 naming as one can get lost in numerous 2.6.x versions

Hello guys. Is the date official? It would be great to have a new version. We were about to package spark in our environnement and deploying it when I saw this post yesterday. I’m wondering if we should wait for the new version or not.


We are facing two big issues in the 2.7. dev stream:

  1. The packager we are using for releases does not work with Java 7. A bug fix for install4j will take some more weeks. We can not package a Java 7 with a Java 7 compiled Spark.
  2. The file transfer of Spark 2.6.3 is buggy like crazy and tough to fix.

Since we don’t have a Java 7 compiler build, we can not check any J7 bug.

I would assume that 2.7.0 will go beta this week as Java 6 compile. A release with Java 7 will take a couple of more weeks.

Due some larger code changes in 2.7.0 I would say that you are caught in a tough spot. 2.6.3 does have an instable file transfer. 2.7.0 is not baked.

I have no idea what to do next, actually… Maybe a

I think 2.7.0 Beta should be compiled with J7 and bundled with it. So i think 2.7.0 Beta should wait for that couple of weeks. And maybe we can release something like 2.6.4 Beta. And probably there won’t be 2.6.4 final in thiscase. Ha Just don’t like that versioning

Understood, the issue we are having is that the Spark trunk has quite some changes done by Mircea… But for the sake of playing around, we may release a 2.7.0 beta with Java 6.

Still some things to do and not enough time to manage it. This file transfer bug is really nasty…

Is there going to be a release/beta soon? I would love to see one.

P.S. Thanks for everyones hard work they provide to this project!


JIRA says 2.7.0 is due 26 of September, but probably this will chabge as Beta didn’t come out yet. I think they are still digging into that file transfer issue.

There are basically three things stoping a 2.7.0:

  • Developer Ressources
  • No Java 7 support on because of a bus in install4j (Fix by the software developer open)
  • Hunt for the file transfer bugs (fixed since last Friday)

The 2.7.0 release and beta may be available in 2 weeks.

Any update on 2.7.0?

Still working on file transfer bugs and some architectural changes.

A couple of blockers are stopping a release:

  • No Java 7 support for a critical tool in the build process

  • No Mac dev ressource available (this means no 2.7.0 release on Mac)

  • File transfer bugs in IBB and strange stuff in NATed networks (not sure, if we have fixed it already)

The release 2.7.0 will (and it was the same with 2.6.3) break file transfer in a certain network situation between 2.5.8 and 2.6+ series clients to make XMPP standard compliant. To be precise: The fall back file transfer via IBB will not work between 2.5.8 and 2.6+ clients.

The current fix list contains:

Update simplified Chinese translation

Chat room configuration shows wrong roles for which presence is broadcast

typo error in

ContactItem in shared group - right click popup menu performs copy when move is selected

Plugins are loaded in random order - plugins with no dependency has to be loaded first

Default Appearance/Colors cannot be overwritten through plugin;Group-Chat colors are hard-coded

Group Chat - Actions/Start a conference menu: propose bookmarked room (if any) instead of adhoc (random) room name

SPARK-1311 Enhance ability to overwrite spark properties values through plugin

SPARK-1311 Make tabs position optional: TOP or BOTTOM; make search input appearance optional

Log out doesn’t log out, it shuts down spark

Avatars are not scaled in user login/logout notification dialog

The messages in the set status message window is not getting deleted

Bug in that can break smack communication

SPARK-1442 uses hardcoded value “Spark IM Client” for version name

Application version and application name are hardcoded

Remove “#” character next to Accounts button on the login screen

persist vcard may throw file not found exception when jid is empty

Could you add the french translation into the new beta as well ?

Sure, I have assigned it to someone.

I have commited the translation to the trunk

Hola, deseo saber si pueden tomar en cuenta dos observaciones:

1 las nuevas versiones ya no tendran la opcion Call que se tuvo hasta la version 2.5.8 ??

2 es posible que la nueva version supere o corrija o permita que cuando se recibe un mensaje, solo parpadee y no te saque totalmente de lo que estas haciendo en cualquier otro programa?

digo esto porque llego un momento en que corrigieron esta omision de la transmision de voz (call) respecto al primero y el segundo punto es urgente superarlo porque uno esta escribiendo un informe y por ahi le das enter y cuando te das cuenta, todo lo que has escrito aparece como un mensaje enviado a alguien que te contactó por spark y esta persona termina enterandose del contenido de tu informe… imaginense


Cesar, next time please post in English. About the Call button read this doc Second one is a Java bug and is fixed in Java 7, so when Spark 2.7.0 will be released (with java 7 included) it should be fixed.