Track User Logins

I know you can use the Wildfire admin console to see when a user last logged out. But, is it possible to (easily) see when all logins occur? For example, if I want to see how much a system is being used, how can I tell how many logins, by whom and when, occurred?


A few options:

  • The Wildfire Enterprise plugin has robust stats that help you track usage of the server.

  • The packet audi feature lets you record all XMPP packets or just a subset.

  • You could easily write a plugin to record the login info however you’'d like.

There’‘s always the chance that there’'s a feature improvement possible as well. Perhaps you could talk more about the business reasons behind the feature request so that we can figure out how it applies to others.



Hi Randy,

I did ask Alex about an access.log. For the web admin console and for the xmpp stuff. I really like CLF (Common Log Format) as one can analyze it very easy. I did think about something like

“ - LG “GET /login.html HTTP/1.0” 200 100”

for a successful login (or 401 for a wrong password) so one could analyze the logs very easy.

One could also log the Client in “User-Agent”, every sent iq and message and the logout.

But it seems that this idea did hit a dead end somewhere, …


We simply want to know how much the wildfire server is being used. A console withing the Wildfire Admin that will display a) logins in chronological order with name, date, and time and b) all logins by a user would be great. I’‘d tried the packet audit, but it’'s very hard to read to decipher this info.


In that case, I would recommend trying out Wildfire Enterprise. It doesn’'t give you exactly the info you list, but provides some great tools to understand how your server is being used.




I’'m about ready to complete a jabberd2 to wildfire migration and most everything looks great!

It appears that the only thing I am going to miss is the CLF logging jabberd2 does of connections. Those logs are very handy to diagnose users who are having connect problems and I love having those logs in my logfile analyzer.

This thread implies this functionality is only in the Enterprise version? Is there a plugin around that implements this functionality?