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Tranferência de Arquivos na Rede Local <Transfer of Files on Local Network>

Pessoal, estou com um problema com o Spark 2.6.3. Utilizo aqui na empresa, e tudo funciona blz, é rede local mesmo, não tem extranet nem nada, todos os clientes na mesma faixa de IP, no entanto, a tranferência de arquivos não funciona.
Eu até consigo enviar, só que prá mim mostra mensagem de que está aguardando o usuário aceitar o arquivo, mas do outro lado o cliente já aceitou, e a transferência não inicia e qdo inicia para logo em 1% 5%, nunca consegue concluir. Alguém sabe me dizer o motivo?


Guys, I have a problem with Spark 2.6.3. I use here in the company, and everything works blz, it is local network has no extranet or anything, all clients in the same IP range, however, the file transfer does not work.

I can even send just that for me it shows that it is waiting for the user to accept the file message, but the other side has already accepted the customer, and the transfer will not start and begins to qdo logo 1% 5%, can never finish. Can anyone tell me why?

File transfer is bugged in 2.6.3 and older versions. It is a bit better in the latest 2.7.0 builds, though it can fail occasionally. Especially when sending between Vista and Windows 7. Works better between Win7 and Win7. Maybe it is a firewall thing.

Latest build: http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/SPARK-INSTALL4J/shared/build-665/Insta ll4j/spark_2_7_0_665.exe

Thank you very much!

that’s works now