Transfer files between Android and Windows systems

Hi to all.

Can somebody help me?

I have a openfire 3.8.1 version, and i want to transfer any kind of files between a chat client for Android systems and a chat client for Windows system, the Spark client or Psi 0.15 client version for Windows systems work well, but my problem is with any chat client for Android. Anyone have a suggestion? (the chat client for Android can be of paid, but preferable not of paid).

Or maybe, i should enable something in openfire?

Any kind of help will be much appreciated.

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It would be useful to list android clients that you’ve already tried. I don’t know much of them and haven’t tried sending files. But you can try Xabber, Yaxim, Conversations.

What Spark version are you using? 2.7 versions have improved file transfer, but it probably only helps with transfers between Spark clients. On Openfire, in Admin Console you can check Server Settings > File transfer settings and enable Proxy, though it is probably enabled already. You can also add proxy’s port to the firewall if you have one. That’s another thing to check - firewall. Your android client is probably going into the network through some wifi router and it may have its own firewall, proxy enabled, which may mess with file transfers, which are usually client-to-client, not using Openfire.

Hi wroot, thanks for the reply.

Here my answers:

  • I tried with these IM clients for Android:


GoSecured IM

IM+ (the free version)


Iwantim Messenger




Tigase Messenger



Kontalk Messenger

Messenger for Android

(Some of these chat clients has his own IM server)

Moreover, i don’t have tried “Conversations”, and maybe work well, but as “Conversations” is a paid product, i need to be very sure that it will work. (this product don’t have a trial version).

  • I use Spark 2.7.2, and the documentation says that Spark will try to do the transfers by the best of the three methods possible.

  • Openfire has enabled the proxy, but i never can use it with IM clients for Windows systems (Spark included), and i believe that the chat clients of Android don’t use the proxy of Openfire (obviously with the Firewall rule for accept input and output in any network interface in the 7777 port).

  • Talking about of the IM clients for Android, I don’t have tried open the port of the proxy in the firewall due to that i believe that is not necessary (if i am not wrong, proxy is a feature that no available in the IM clients of Android).

  • The firewall in the wi-fi router of the IM clients of Android don’t have some configuration applied. So that firewall isn’t the problem (and tested with my PC that use Spark or PSI, and they work very well).

  • All my IM clients don’t have a intermediate proxy.

Any idea?

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What about Xabber and Yaxim? I’ve been told that Conversations can be installed for free from a different appstore (can’t recall the name). But maybe this will involve rooting your device. I don’t have any more ideas.

Never mind. I’ve just checked with Xabber and Yaxim and they don’t have file sending options and i wasn’t able to send a file to them. Conversations has “sending images” in the features list, so maybe it can do it. I think free version (or is it cracked) is available from

Maybe mobile clients don’t have such option by design as they are usually on a metered connections and sending files is too much for it. Also unstable mobile connection would make it hard to send a file.

Oh, i forgot tell you that Xabber and yaxim don’t has the option of transfer files (but now, i see that also you know it)

Moreover, maybe “Conversations” be the solution, i will try it from the F-Droid site, many thanks for the info, I did not know this place download. … :slight_smile:

Only as comment, with OTR enabled (in both sides):

The good:

  1. The text messages work well. …i like, it is very secure … :slight_smile:

The bad:

  1. When i try transfer a file from the IM client from Windows (Spark or PCI+) to a IM client for Android (that says that it support transfer files. For example with “Freelab Messenger”), i see in the screen of the Android device a message that says OTR v2 is not supported.

  2. When the transfer file is initiated from the Android, in his screen, i see a codes unintelligible, as if a message of text was transmitted, and in the screen of the Windows system, i don’t see nothing, as if the message or the transfer never was processed.

Later, i will be tell you about of my test with the “Conversations” client.

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Well, it is already hard to find a working solution for file transfer between Android and PC. But adding OTR in the mix makes it even harder. Can’t help with that. OTR seems as overhead feature in my opinion. I don’t like how it works in Spark (buggy implementation). Though i don’t use it, so i just disable this plugin for my users. SSL is enough for us.