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Transfer more once in WebChat


Please say as possible more than once to do transfer (Transfer this conversation to another agent, workgroup or queue.) ???

When I transfer to another agent, he does not have the button “Transfer this conversation to another agent”. Why???

Please help me.Thanks.

I’ve been facing the same problem when I transfer to another agent.

Looking inside the code I found the problem, when I do a transfer agent to agent, the fastpath component sends a MUC invitation and don’t executes decorateRoom (method that adds the missed buttons).

// TransferRequest.java public void execute()
... (around line 134)      if (true) {
          // Invitee is not an agent so send a standard MUC room invitation
          // Keep track when the invitation was sent to the user
          offerAccepted = System.currentTimeMillis();

below this code you can see a dead code, that was exactly I want:

// Invite the agent to the room by sending an offer
Workgroup workgroup = agentSession.getWorkgroups().iterator().next();
RequestQueue requestQueue = workgroup.getRequestQueues().iterator().next();
// Add the requested agent as the initial target agent to get the offer
getMetaData().put("agent", Arrays.asList(invitee.toString()));
getMetaData().put("ignore", Arrays.asList(inviter.toBareJID()));
// Dispatch the request

but I see another problem on accept these transfer request, see details: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/225409#225409