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Translation to German

Hi, thanks for this great program.

I like to localize Jive Messenger to german.

Is there already someone working on this?

Hey jfroehlich,

I’‘ve just finished the German translation, you’'re 3 days too late - sorry




However, if you’‘d be willing to review Frank’‘s translation to check it for accuracy and completeness when it’‘s done, that would be great! We like to have two translators for each language, so if you’'d be willing to help out longer-term, please send me an email or private message.



hmm… and what is needed for localization? Do i have to compile something or just translate strings? Maybe i’'ll try to make Lithuanian translation.

and… maybe someone is working on Russian? I can help to verify it or something too:)

You just need to know the language you’'re translating for, an editor and the the english *.properties

file (rescource bundle) from cvs.

then rename it to your language, translate the Strings in there, compile them to ascii and put this into the /lib dir of your messenger installation. Edit your jive-messenger.xml to fit your needs and restart the server. When everything works like intedet, you can send this rescource bundle file to a jive messenger dev of your choice.

Details are written here:

http://www.jivesoftware.org/builds/messenger/docs/latest/documentation/translato r-guide.html



it’'s just translating strings, there is a guide here: http://jivesoftware.org/builds/messenger/docs/latest/documentation/translator-gu ide.html

BTW: where is Lithuania? Never heard that


Heh:) People here (in our country) a very ambiciuos, they say whole world knows about us:) But in reality…:slight_smile: Well, geographicly this is not very far from Germany, Eastern Europe… Baltic Ring as they say (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia). Maybe it’‘s just the name confusing a little. For ex. in Russian it’'s - Litva.


How about sports?:slight_smile: We’'re last basketball champs of Europe:D

P.S. thanx for advices, i’'ve remembered i have seen this translation-guide once, have to read it.

cool it’'s just two hops to Germany

Hi jfroehlich,

I’'ve finished the translation, here are the files if you want to review and/or test it:

http://frank.niedermann.name/stuff/messenger_i18n_de.properties (this one is ASCII and can be used with Messenger)

http://frank.niedermann.name/stuff/messenger_i18n_de.properties-UTF8 (this one can be used to edit)