Translator Plug-in 1.0 not translating

We are “playing” with Wildfire & Spark and I have installed the “Translator Plug-in 1.0” inside Spark (2.0.6). When I open a chat session to someone I see the translation drop-down list and select English-French (for example), I type my message and hit send. On my colleagues Spark he gets the message in English.

I have tried a variety of options, such as type message first, then select the translation, Highlight the text etc etc.

Any suggestions?

Apparently this broke at some point. It has been logged as an issue (SPARK-443) and will be fixed in an upcoming version.

Hi Kevin,

unfortunately as has been highlighted in another thread, Spark-443 is still an issue in 2.0.7 of spark.



2.0.8, it’'s still broken


for me Spark v2.0.8 with Translator Plugin v1.2 works fine, using a direct internet connection and also using a HTTP proxy server without authentication.


So it does actually translate into foreign languages?


while it displays “???” (“English to Japanese”) and “??? ???” (“English to Korean”) as squares, so it seems it has a problem with the used font. (Using Firefox I can see more meaningful text symbols).

“Englisch zum Deutschen”, “Inglés-español”, “Anglais-français”, “Inglese ad italiano” and “Inglês ao português” are translated and displayed fine.


I just tested out the latest translator with Spark 2.5 Beta 2 and all is working great. Give it a shot.



I can confirm that 2.5beta2 and Translator 1.2 work for me. Although I had to uninstall the translator 1.0 before it would tell me that there was a newer 1.2 version.

Translator plugin appears to be permanently broken now, since Google have disabled their Translation APIs.

When I attempt to use it, it causes Spark to freeze for about a minute. No choice but to remove the plugin.

Are they planning to release new APIs or is it for good? Then we should drop that plugin.

As far as I know, it’s permanent. (I believe they are offering paid API access however.)

Most developers who previously used Google Translate API are now moving to other services, e.g. Bing.

Ok. I have filed two tickets: SPARK-1456, SPARK-1457.


Is there any Turkish-English translate file or plugin that cover the tr-en translate ? Thanks…