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Transport deleting AIM accounts


We’ve had an increased number of users of late complain that they’re missing contacts after using our service. We do not have the code in our client to remove contacts so the chance this is coming from our stack is pretty small to impossible.

I wonder if

a) anyone else is seeing contacts disappear from their contact list, and

b) anyone could suggest why this is happening.

Have googled some I see that pidgin, and adium have all had cases in the past where AIM users complain that their buddies are deleted anyone have any thoughts on that at all?



So it seems this problem happens when people are signed into both us and their normal IM client.

Does anyone have any information on how synching could be affected when two aim clients are connected at once?

Interestingly it seems it doesn’t matter what the AIM client is - it has been a ‘real’ aim client as well as an open source one (adiumx).

any thoughts are appreciated