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Transport indicating that it is multiple JIDs

Hi folk! I hope this is the right place to ask this… it seemed like more of a developer question.

Ok, so, I have PyAIMt typically answering as multiple JIDs if you want chatroom support. One is, of course, the base primary jid (aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org for example). Another is the chatrooms jid (chatrooms.aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org).

In Jabberd2, I can SASL bind and then use it’'s own component protocol to say “Hi, I am each of the following…”.

In others, like ejabberd and jabberd1, I simply set up aliases of chatrooms.whatever -> whatever in the server’'s config.

In Wildfire, I do not appear to have the capability to set up an alias. (unless I am missing it) Likewiise, I am not aware of how I would go about saying I am multiple jids.

So first thing first, how does Wildfire determine what the connection transport is? Does it make use of service discovery for that or? If a service discovery request to aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org also returns information about chatrooms.aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org, does Wildfire go “ohh ok you are X as well”?

If I read correctly before, a request to chatrooms.aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org, if it’‘s not known, will result in a request to aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org. If that’'s still the case, lets pretend that I wanted chatrooms-aim.jabber.vorpalcloud.org. ;D

Gato took care of this in 2.6.2.