Tray icon doesn't appear


after I install Spark 2.7.3 build 715 I start to having issue with tray icon. When Spark start’s up and is closed by X the tray icon doesn’t appear. To be able to open Spark i have to kill it and start it again. I was trying to install lower version but same result. Can someone please advise?

Spark 2.7.3 Build: 715 Ignite Realtime Apache License, Version 2.0 Smack Version: 3.3.1 JRE Version: 1.8.0_66

Win7 Professional (1529 Bytes)

Was it working ok before? Maybe the icon is hidden in the systray (a little triangle button near the language widget). If not, then you can try wiping your Spark’s profile and start with a fresh one (history will be lost).