Trialling webchat - web client never connects to chat session


I’'m trialling the enterprise plugin at the moment, mainly so that our helpdesk people can try using the fastpath webchat stuff.

I have one workgroup (testing) set up, and it seems that when users click the “Live Help - Click Here” web button and fill in the questions, the fastpath stuff routes to the agent correctly (ie, it asks me in the spark client if I want to accept the chat session), but the user never gets connected through to the session (they remain at the “Routing Your Request…” page).

A conference room gets created ok and it has the users in it (I can see via the admin interface).

The wildfire error log says…

2007.01.10 14:33:35 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider.getGroupNames(LdapGroupProvider .java:335) Could not find user in LDAP 22efd46

each time a webchat user tries to connect.

If the webchat user closes the “Routing your request” page, they leave the conference room too.

Have I done something wrong?



Do you have anonymous users turned on?



Hello ddman,

Yes - anonymous users are turned on.

Unless you are using the latest Fastpath release (3.2), please use the Spark 2.0.8 client. Otherwise, the new 2.5 beta releases of Spark can be used with 3.2.



I wanted to point out that with Wildfire 3.1.1 and Spark 2.0.8, I was getting a good number of chats that never connected.

Once I upgraded our server to Wildfire 3.2 this problem went away.