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Trixbox 2.0+Wildfire 3.1.1+Asterisk-IM 1.1+Spark 2.0.8!

Hi all,

I’'m using Trixbox 2.0 with Wildfire 3.1.1 (integration using Asterisk-IM 1.1.1).

I used X-Lite to login directly to Trixbox and dial outside numbers, it worked fine. BUT when using spark to login to Wildfire then do calls, it does not work.

1- What is going wrong?

2- Is there any special lines I should add to manager.conf to enable spark and wildfire to dial from Trixbox?

3- When Spark will support audio and video calls ?

4- How can I do my own Spark-like softphone?

Thanks in advance

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No answer !!!

Thanks all


I’'ve been looking into doing this setup where i work!

In theory it should be straightforward - check out the spark 2.5 beta jobby…

I’'d love to mess about more if i had time - let us me know how you get on!


we have had this working in the past. Not with Trixbox but with Asterisk-IM and wildfire 3.1.1 But it was finiky. We had to mess with the db a bit I think. But it sounds like you cannot log into wildfire with spark and that seems to be an issue with your wildfire setup more than asterisk IM. Send me an email at jbcluff@hotmail.com and I will try to work with you on getting through your issues.