Trouble recieving iq results

I am using Smack, openfire, and (su-smack (with necessary changes)). I have three users one being admin, I have created a node and subscribed and published to it. I even figured out how to change affiliations, and the keyword for filtering on content. the only problem I am having is getting the subid from the server. I have sent the following IQ to the server…

 <pubsub xmlns="">

I have also set up a processPacket(Packet packet) method which is just a packet listener who does a System.out.println on all of the packets.toxml it recieves.

here is what I recieved

I went inside the openfire code and printed out ( Log.warn(“This is my message”+packet.toXml) ) and in the Log it printed out what I was expecting to recieve from the server…

 <pubsub xmlns="">

obviously the server has the message I am suppose to get and my request is either correct or close to being correct why am I not recieving the correct message and the server is printing out the correct message before it sends it to me?

for the xmlns’s I ment"

sorry about that

Hey Chace,

I was not able to reproduce this issue you are having. Openfire sends me the subscriptions to the node as I requested when I tried from an XML console.

You say you setup a processPacket method and then later say you modified Openfire’s code – where is this processPacket method? In Openfire or the su-smack extension you are writing? I am not at all familiar with su-smack so my intuition tells me that may be where the issue lies. Perhaps if you run Openfire in debug mode and follow its packet flow you may have a better idea why it might be rejecting your packet. An incorrect xmlns will certainly throw Openfire off.