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Trouble while upgrading 2.5.1 to 2.6.1 (including how to fix this)

I’'m upgrading Wifi 2.5.1 to 2.6.1 (windows 2003) and experiencing the following errors:

  • database/table upgrade is failed (I’'m using MySQL 3.23)

  • broadcast plugin is failed to load

I tried to upgrade the database/table upgrade manually and got error message from mysql that the ‘‘contact’’ field with varchar type is exceed than 255. AFAIK, in MySQL varchar type only allow 255 as its maximum length. So, I changed all field type using varchar more than 255 with blob[/b].

And I run the query, and all seems OK.

I tried to restart Wifi, and test it. It works.

My first problem is SOLVED.

The second one, broadcast plugin is still unabled to be loaded.

I wonder, and see the logs message ang got that Wifi unable to load the plugin. So, I tried to extract the plugin from broadcast.jar manually, and copy all files into old broadcast folder. Restart Wifi. Finally, broadcast plugin is displayed in plugin section (admin console).

My second problem is also SOLVED.

Hope you may find this useful.

Hi Commedo,

I have no idea if for MySQL varchar and blob can be accessed the same way using JDBC. If not you will get problems as soon as you try to use pubsub. I can’‘t recommend to do this, I’'m quite sure that storing values to the field will fail.


edited: I had to stop Wifi, delete the presence folder and start it again. It seems that Wifi needs to extract the one or some plugins on its own.

Hey LG,

Commedo’'s workaround is fine. As explained in the Database Documentation[/url] the options are to reduce the size to 255 or use TEXT/BLOB types.

Anyway, Wildfire 2.6.2 includes a modification in the pubsubNode table that will make this problem go away. But until 2.6.2 is out this workaround is the way to go.


– Gato