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Trouble with presence after GroupProvider changing

I have replaced default GroupProvider by my own implementation (with shared groups). It works, but presence does not change correctly - once received roster remains the same (first connected user sees nobody online, second connected users sees online first and first sees nobody online again etc).

Mayby somebody knows, what can be reason of such behaviour?

Thank You!

Hey Alexander,

Using another GroupProvider shouldn’'t affect shared groups. Are you using the latest nightly build? If you are using an old nightly build or Messenger 2.1.1 then I recommend using the latest nightly build.

If you are already using the latest nightly build and you just replaced the DefaultGroupProvider with one of your own then I would need more information in order to reproduce the problem such as groups configuration, users and steps to follow. Could you check if you are having the same problem using the DefaultGroupProvider?


– Gato

Thank You!

I think it was bug JM-148 (http://www.jivesoftware.org/issues/browse/JM-148), and it is fixed now.