Trouble with pyaim-t and wildfire3

I got pyaim-t installed. It seemed a little too easy, but i can see it listed in the external components page as a transport.

I just can’'t figure out how to use it. Here are some of my relevant settings

I went into gaim, and changed my settings.

from to aim.jabber.domain.tld

from port 5190 to port 10015

Can’'t connect. Here is the error i get in the server logs.

2006.08.01 12:30:10 04) Connection closed before session established


2006.08.01 12:36:12 04) Connection closed before session established


2006.08.01 12:36:39 04) Connection closed before session established


Any ideas?

Hey shamusmcirish,

Gateways run as services of Wildfire. That means that clients connected to Wildfire will be able to use those services. As always, you will need to use an XMPP client that connects to the c2s port (5222 by default). Gateways require clients to have support for JEP-100 in order to be able to register with the gateway. I’'m not sure if GAIM has support for JEP-100. Anyway, the current problem that you are facing is that GAIM is trying to connect to the incorrect port possibly because you are trying to connect to the gateway directly instead of doing it through the Widlfire server.


– Gato

Hmm. Having trouble finding references to jep-100 or c2s on gaim’'s site.

Do you have a client that you would recommend for an office environment. I need to be able to use jabber, and aim (through the transport).

If you know which is the best for linux, that would help alot too.

Second, just to be sure i have this right.

In the chat client i want to make an “aim/icq” account.

set the server as jabber.domain.tld

and for the port? I’'ve tried 5222, and 10015

Am i doing the client setup correcty?

Hey Shamus,

As mentioned in our last blog entry we are adding a cool integration of

gateways to Wildfire (see This

integration will make it very easy for clients to make use of gateways.

Therefore, I would recommend checking out Spark as your preferred


About your second question, clients need to connect to the c2s port that

is 5222 by default. Once you are connected to Wildfire (as you were

doing it before using gateways) you might need to open the service

discovery window and register from there with the gateway. That is the

standard way to do it with clients that have JEP-100 support. With Spark

the process is shorter (and slightly different).


– Gato