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Trouble with setting up Openfire

Here is a copy of the error log, can you someone decipher this for me?

2014.03.26 16:40:50 org.jivesoftware.util.log.util.CommonsLogFactory - Prototype

java.sql.SQLException: null, message from server: “Host ‘BE-PRINT.BE.local’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server”

at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(SQLError.java:1086)

at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(SQLError.java:989)

at com.mysql.jdbc.SQLError.createSQLException(SQLError.java:975)

at com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlIO.doHandshake(MysqlIO.java:1114)

at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.coreConnect(ConnectionImpl.java:2493)

at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.connectOneTryOnly(ConnectionImpl.java:2526)

at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.createNewIO(ConnectionImpl.java:2311)

at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.(ConnectionImpl.java:834)

at com.mysql.jdbc.JDBC4Connection.(JDBC4Connection.java:47)

at sun.reflect.GeneratedConstructorAccessor13.newInstance(Unknown Source)

at sun.reflect.DelegatingConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance(Unknown Source)

at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(Unknown Source)

at com.mysql.jdbc.Util.handleNewInstance(Util.java:411)

at com.mysql.jdbc.ConnectionImpl.getInstance(ConnectionImpl.java:416)

at com.mysql.jdbc.NonRegisteringDriver.connect(NonRegisteringDriver.java:347)

at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)

at java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(Unknown Source)

at org.logicalcobwebs.proxool.DefaultConnectionBuilder.buildConnection(DefaultConn ectionBuilder.java:39)

at org.logicalcobwebs.proxool.Prototyper.buildConnection(Prototyper.java:159)

at org.logicalcobwebs.proxool.Prototyper.sweep(Prototyper.java:102)

at org.logicalcobwebs.proxool.PrototyperThread.run(PrototyperThread.java:44)

I have already set this up once. I got to the end and received an error when trying to connect to my LDAP. I looked that error up and everyone said to just reboot the server and go through the setup again.

So I did and now I cannot connect to my MySQL database.

Any help?

Thanks in advance.

The error says you are not allowed to connect to MySQL, so maybe check your database credentials again.

I double checked the credentials in the openfire.xml file. They are definitely correct.

I tried to open the MySQL command line and I put the password in and get the same access denied error.

Permissions issue? If so, how do I fix it?

Well, you are the only one who knows what is happening with your MySQL. Maybe create a new database and new user and try with it. Not a huge db guy myself, but access denied errors usually mean wrong credentials or not enough permissions.

OK. I got the database all set up. I got through to the LDAP portion.

I completed the setup and now I cannot log in.

I got an error when trying to set up an admin so I clicked on skip this step.

Now I cannot log into the admin console. Any ideas?


If you got error when setting up ldap connection, then it is the cause why you can’t login to admin console. I’m not good at ldap either. You can search forums about setting up lfap correctly. Also ot could help descrining the error you got here.

Without being able to log into the console I really don’t know how to check or fix the LDAP.

Where would I start?

I attached the login error.

You can restart the setup, by editing Openfire\conf\openfire.xml and changing true at the bottom to false, starting Openfire and going to admin console again.

I did that and I got right to the spot where I can add an administrator and it’s erroring when I try to add a username. Not sure where to go from here.

No username was provided or the specified username was not found.

Can you provide a sceenshot of an error when you try to add an administrator?